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Braids, Braids, Braids!

This really brings back memories. When I was little, my mom put braids in my sisters and my hair at night so that when we awoke the next morning we would have curls galore! Now that Emma will sit still for this and appreciates it, were having fun. She asked for five braids last night and was so delighted with them. 🙂 Look at that smile! As soon as I finish she must shake her head back and forth to feel the braids. I remember doing that, too! Isaac just had to be a part of this he likes to play with her hair, pretending that hes braiding it, and trying to run a brush through it (ouch!). Emma is quite the patient sister, let me tell you. 🙂

Orchids, Mother’s Day, and Gifts for Mom

This post was written in association with Interflora. I know Fathers Day is coming up, but before its the guys turn, I wanted to ask about my readers Mothers Day! Did your hubby and kids present you with a special gift? Did you spend the day together as a family, or did you ask for nothing else but a few hours of alone time? (That I would understand, believe me.) I think that moms treasure handmade gifts the most, but its nice every once in awhile to get flowers or a special something to pamper mom (like a gift card to Bath and Body Works for instance). I personally have been wanting an orchid for years. Theyre just so beautiful and exotic! I dont think my hints have been obvious enough, though maybe if I sent a picture of an orchid to my husbands phone? Hes probably afraid Ill forget…

Letter of the Day Cookies – Delicious AND Educational! ;-)

We love these Letter of the Day Cookies for many reasons. 1. Theyre truly some of the YUMMIEST cookies Ive eaten from a box. Oi, vanilla! 2. Theyre organic! 3. Each cookie has a letter on it, making it the perfect teaching tool. I know, Im a mean mom I made Emma sound out the word before she could eat it. 😉 With that kind of incentive before her, she had no attention span problems whatsoever. Her reading is coming along nicely. Im not really pushing her too hard learning to read because shes a little more distracted now that summer is here. She is only able to focus so long. But we have plenty of practice through games, daily story reading, her Fridge Phonics Word Whammer, and computer games. She already knows the sounds of all the letters of the alphabet and is able to sound out short words…

Flirty Summer Dresses at Fresh Produce {Impromptu Dress Review}

Summer is here and its time to start dress shopping again! I dont know about you, but I love doing my shopping online, and the spring dresses at Fresh Produce right now are adorable! If youre looking for a place to shop that has a nice selection of clothing made with quality material and designed with comfort in mind, this is for you! Here are two of my favorite dresses there: Thanks to Fresh Produce, I was given the opportunity to review one of their new spring dresses. Choosing just one dress was difficult, but I finally decided on the Impromptu Dress: There are so many things I love about this dress! From the gathering at the bust and asymmetrical hem to the way the fabric flows in folds from the lower chest down, it has a kind of Grecian grace that is flattering to most body types. I normally…

{Blast From the Past} Remember Popples?

Does anyone else remember these fluffy toys? I vividly remember mine! I had completely forgotten about it until I came across a photo of one recently and thought, Hey, I remember THOSE!. This is what mine looked like: Kind of fun remembering these old toys. 🙂 Too bad I didnt keep it! Did you have a Popple?

Emma’s First Pony Ride & Petting Zoo (Family Fun Day!)

Saturday we spent the morning at a local festival that had a lot of fun attractions they had rides, games, booths, and lots of food, but what really drew us was the pony rides and petting zoo since the kids hadnt had those experiences yet. Emma heard that there would be pony rides and she could talk of nothing else. 🙂 She enjoyed it SO much! She was so enthusiastic that every time she made a round toward me she would say, Cheese! and give me her most genuine smile. There have been a lot of fake cheese smiles lately (at home) so I knew she was really happy on that pony. And not scared at all! This really meant a lot to me because I vividly remember the joy of riding ponies at the fair when I was a kid. Im glad to be able to create this memory…

This is Crazy! Must Watch.

Everything youre hearing in this music video is done by the voice of Mike Tompkins even the instruments! Impressive, right? I love the way he shows how he did it at the end of the video, too.

What Should I Do With Isaac’s Hair?

I need suggestions! 🙂 I was thinking about using clippers at a long setting and going over it all so it would at least be the same length I dont know how he would react to that, though! Im partial to this look: img source Do you cut your childs hair yourself? Edited to Add: I did it! 🙂

Introducing New, Improved Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers and Simply Clean Wipes (Mom-Tested!)

Thanks to Mom Central and Huggies, I was given the opportunity to test two new Huggies products on my 15-month-old diaper-annihilator, Isaac. Huggies is my go-to brand for diapers because they fit so well and seem to keep Isaac dryer for longer than other brands. Now Huggies has improved their diapers and wipes even more with the Snug & Dry Diapers and Simply Clean Wipes! Heres what Huggies has to say about their new diapers and wipes: Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers: These diapers come with the trusted anti-leakage Leak-Lock System, which is now even more absorbent. They also have a SnugFit waistband, Grip Tabs for a secure fit, stopping guards around the waist and legs to help keep wetness in, and absorb-away layers and a long-lasting core to lock in wetness. Huggies Simply Clean Wipes: These wipes are fragrance-free and alcohol-free, and are good for faces, hands, and bottoms….

Summer Play Ideas: Bubbles Guns!

I grabbed one of these (under $7) in passing at the grocery store the other day and Im so glad I did! It ended up being a lot cooler than I thought it would and the photos I got are awesome. 🙂 It was a windy day so the bubbles went everywhere I dont recommend doing it when there is wind because they blow away too quickly we also used up a whole container of bubbles before too long. But it was fun! Now we just need to stock up on more bubbles solution or maybe well try making some of our own! I grabbed mine in the summer section of Safeway but you can also find a lot of different types of bubbles guns here at! What kind of bubbles fun have you been having lately?