Orchids, Mother’s Day, and Gifts for Mom

This post was written in association with Interflora.

I know Fathers Day is coming up, but before its the guys turn, I wanted to ask about my readers Mothers Day! Did your hubby and kids present you with a special gift? Did you spend the day together as a family, or did you ask for nothing else but a few hours of alone time? (That I would understand, believe me.)

I think that moms treasure handmade gifts the most, but its nice every once in awhile to get flowers or a special something to pamper mom (like a gift card to Bath and Body Works for instance). I personally have been wanting an orchid for years. Theyre just so beautiful and exotic! I dont think my hints have been obvious enough, though maybe if I sent a picture of an orchid to my husbands phone?

Hes probably afraid Ill forget to water it and it will join the graveyard of indoor plants Ive unintentionally killed over the years weve been married. 😉 I think I even killed a cactus once on accident. Whoops. When you cant keep something alive that survives in the desert you know theres something wrong! Im determined to change that and will have live plants in my house, though. Ive come to love indoor plants and flowers and think they really add something to the homey atmosphere.

So my Mothers Day. My husband knows I have an unfailing love of dark chocolate so thats what he brought me. Big chocolatey smiles here! Emma drew me a picture of me and you, mommy! and that was my favorite gift of course. Then later in the afternoon we took a little nature walk at a nearby pond, fed the ducks, and watched a turtle laze around on a log. It was a nice relaxing day, the perfect Mothers Day!

Hubby and Emma on Mothers Day

So back to flowers for a minute how do you feel about receiving them as gifts? For those of who who like the way they brighten your desk or kitchen table, I want to tell you about Interflora, the self-proclaimed flower experts. If you want to send your hubby their way, they make it easy for gift-searching guys they have categories that help find that perfect gift for wife from Interflora. Flowers, chocolate, and pampering supplies are provided in gift sets throughout their website. Im rather partial to the Divine Excellence Gift Box fine liquor and chocolate, nice! AND I just checked out their orchids and there are more varieties than I first realized. Now Im really wanting one! Well, our anniversary is next month 😉

Now I would love to know, do you drop hints so your husband knows what to get you or do you let him do the choosing?