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Children’s eBook Freebies (Discovery Series & More – 4/26 Edition)

Note: Please double-check that the price is free under Buy (not Prime) before buying! These are available for a limited time only so be quick. 🙂 Click on the covers to get them at! Hint: Its worth buying these freebies now, even if you dont plan to get a Kindle or Kindle Fire for awhile yet itll be in your account waiting for you when you get one! Have a Nook? Click here to browse the kids Nook books by price the first few are free! Join me on! My favorite place to find (and trade in) used books. 🙂

Wagons and Busy Little Boys

I bought this wagon at Walmart for $10 with a bunch of little plastic gardening tools in it its had SO much use, its Isaacs favorite outdoor toy. Dont you love wagons? 🙂

GIVEAWAY: Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides for Kids (3 Winners!!!)

Today Im giving away three SETS of Coopers Pack books to three lucky winners! (Read the full review of the Coopers Pack books with sample pages here) Leaving a blog post comment is mandatory. After that, you can tweet the giveaway for an extra entry. 🙂Open to the US only. a Rafflecopter giveaway You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.

Making Edible “Baking” Dough For Kids

This really isnt anything that grandmas havent been doing for youngsters for generations, but I wanted to share because its so rewarding and fun for kids. If theyve ever watched you make cookies, bread, or anything else that requires rolling out or kneading dough, you know theyre just longing to get their hands (and mouths) on it. Normally I let Emma have a bit of dough while Im baking, but yesterday I wasnt in a baking mood and Emma was restless and wanting me to make cookies. So heres what I did: We didnt measure anything, I just added enough flour and milk to make a dough with a pinch of powdered sugar and let Emma do it all (which she was thrilled with). We pulled out our fun cookie cutters and rolling pin and off she went! Next time were going to add food coloring and sprinkles. 🙂 Have…

Weaning – Mission: Possible!

Weaning. The word brings about so many different emotions for moms everywhere. Sadness seems to be what most moms feel when the time comes. Even if it comes as a relief, and whether the child is 6 months or 2 years, its still bittersweet for everyone. Youre losing a stage of babyhood that youll never see again. I have shared in the past my struggle nursing Isaac. I wish I had more sweet memories of nursing, but unfortunately I dont. He bit down on me from 3 months on (see this post for the first occurrence), and made me seriously consider weaning before we reached the one-year mark (my goal). But I did enjoy the positives that moms love about breastfeeding the ability to feed him anytime anywhere, the way nursing instantly relaxed him no matter how upset he was, the smiles he gave me after his tummy was full,…

Children’s eBook Freebies: Early Readers

Note: These arent free anymore. 🙁 But they are a very affordable price! Ill be posting more ebook freebies as I come across them. There are two free beginning reader collections (11 books in all) completely free at right now! First isThe Mat and Sam Collection (3 eBooks!) by Cindy Bracken. There are some sweet pictures in this book, and the text is great for beginning readers. 🙂 Sample page: The other one is a collection of eight books featuring essential sight words by Kay de Silva: Hint: Its worth buying this freebie now, even if you dont plan to get a Kindle or Kindle Fire for awhile yet itll be in your account waiting for you when you get one!

Our Weekend in Pictures (Chickens, Gardening, & Smiles)

The kids and I spent a long weekend (Thursday through Monday) at my parents house a few days ago and had a blast. My parents have a lot going on chickens, a nice fenced yard with a garden, dogs, and my sister and her kids live very close by so we get to see them often when we stay. We were kept busy nonstop, and the kids loved it. Heres Emma with one of six new chicks: These chicks are in the kitchen and are the center of attention One of my nieces showing off her chicken whisperer abilities. 😉 Aunt Kristy painted Emmas fingernails and toenails And Emma was delighted to be able to help grandma plant some flowers in a pot: Isaac helped, too. Emma reeeally got into the planting, watching everything grandma did and wanting to do it all herself, including getting dirt, watering, and enjoying them…

Why I Love My Hammock Swing (NOVICA Review)

I really love hammock swings. They are different (and in my opinion, much more superior) than regular hammocks because: 1. You can completely relax in one without worrying about flipping out. 2. You can spin around in circles on a hammock swing, making it more fun for kids. Do I recommend this, though? No. 😉 Especially not in mine. 3. In a gentle breeze, you rock back and forth and it is such a peaceful feeling! 4. In a cotton swing like the one I have below you are kept warmer than you would be in a mesh swing. 5. If you can escape from the children, you can lay back with a book and its total heaven. Or if a little someone will sit still and cuddle with you, thats nice, too. 🙂 Thats not something you could do too securely in a regular hammock. My hammock swing, called…

{Awesome Guest Post} How to Go Shampoo-Free

Would you like to know how you can stop using shampoo and conditioner and have the best hair youve ever had? A month ago, I was tired of constantly washing my hair every day. No matter how much I tried to take care of my hair, it was always super greasy the day after washing it and Id have to wash it all over again. This was a pain, since it meant having to blow-dry and straighten it and basically fight it to look decent. This was time-consuming! So I started doing some research to see what I could find that would help solve this issue and I stumbled across the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method. Yes, using baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as conditioner is good for the hair! I admit, I was skeptical, as baking soda seemed like itd be too harsh. But when I…

Furrow in the Clouds: The Story of Young Thomas Easterling – Farmboy, Fighter Pilot, Prisoner of War {Book Review & Author Interview}

A few weeks after this review went live, I received a comment from Mr. Thomas Easterling, the man whose story Furrow in the Clouds is I wanted to share it with you: Lindsey, I ran across this site quite by accident and was surprised to find your comments about my story, Furrow in the Clouds on it. Im glad that you could connect with part of it. I would like for the reader to also be reminded of the many who gave their lives for our freedom. Freedom is not free Furrow in the Clouds: The Story of Young Thomas Easterling Farmboy, Fighter Pilot, Prisoner of WarWritten by Richard Drebert Good Book PublishingFind it on Amazon.comFind it on GoodReads This is a memoir worth reading! Furrow in the Clouds gave me the opportunity to see life through the eyes of 21-year-old Thomas Easterling, a young man who fought for our…