Introducing New, Improved Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers and Simply Clean Wipes (Mom-Tested!)

Thanks to Mom Central and Huggies, I was given the opportunity to test two new Huggies products on my 15-month-old diaper-annihilator, Isaac. Huggies is my go-to brand for diapers because they fit so well and seem to keep Isaac dryer for longer than other brands. Now Huggies has improved their diapers and wipes even more with the Snug & Dry Diapers and Simply Clean Wipes!

Heres what Huggies has to say about their new diapers and wipes:

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers: These diapers come with the trusted anti-leakage Leak-Lock System, which is now even more absorbent. They also have a SnugFit waistband, Grip Tabs for a secure fit, stopping guards around the waist and legs to help keep wetness in, and absorb-away layers and a long-lasting core to lock in wetness.

Huggies Simply Clean Wipes: These wipes are fragrance-free and alcohol-free, and are good for faces, hands, and bottoms.

The Baby Bottom Test:

Introducing Isaac, who became our cheerful test subject. These diapers are as snug, secure, and comfy as they have always been fit-wise. They also feature a cute Mickey Mouse design.

The real test was, of course, the overnight test. Isaac is almost constantly drinking either milk, water, or juice, so he is a diaper super-soaker overnight. Having good diapers for nighttime is essential for us! So I put a new Snug & Dry diaper on before bed, and the next morning he had gone both poo and pee (I was trying to be more delicate about how to say that but really theres nothing delicate about a dirty diaper). Right away I noticed was that it didnt even look like he had gone his diaper was a bit saggy at the very bottom, but the waistband and everywhere around his upper legs was completely dry! Surprising because he had gone a lot and the diaper had absorbed it all. Im sure this makes it much more comfortable for him, not having to wake up with a tight, soaked diaper.

This is one impressed mommy, let me tell you. I remember being so frustrated with Emmas overnight diapers because her whole bed would be soaked in the morning from leaking diapers. I will definitely be buying these diapers in the future!

Now let me tell you about the Huggies Simply Clean Wipes. I actually dont usually buy brand-name wipes in an attempt to save money, but after trying these wipes Im not sure Im actually saving money by using the cheaper wipes. The Simply Clean wipes are thicker and more textured than the ones I use regularly and I definitely used less wipes than I usually do to clean a dirty bottom. They got him cleaner faster, something I didnt realize was possible. Thats right, my regular cheap wipes are a waste of money! Thats not easy to say, believe me. So yes, Im sold on the Huggies wipes, folks.

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