About Me

Ive been meaning for a while now to write a post sharing who I really am with you guys. I never really had a very good about me post, so this is the remedy. 😉 Those of you who are following this blog and commenting I LOVE YOU! 🙂 I love every comment and try to reply either by email or in the comment. I appreciate all of my subscribers, whether youre lurking or not.

Me, Me, Me

My name is Lindsey (aka Lindz or Linds) and I live in the gorgeous but sometimes-too-rainy Pacific Northwest. I met my gamer/computer-nerd/musician husband here and weve been happily married for eight years.

After three years of marriage, we were blessed with a baby girl! Oh, I was so thrilled. You see, I was diagnosed with endometriosis after I got married suddenly I realized I might have trouble having a baby. But God gave me a child (two now), and Im so thankful.

Emma is 4 now, and I also have a 1 1/2 year old little boy named Isaac. Both are busy little people they dont like to sit still for two minutes! Emma is all about art, horses, and crafts. Shes learning to read now, and is excited at the prospect. Im currently doing a preschool type program with her at home and plan on homeschooling both her and my son in the future. Isaac is a mischievous little man who loves his sister to pieces and wants to be everywhere she is. His personality is coming out more every day, and hes a joy to watch grow.

I used to work at home as a medical transcriptionist part time but after Isaac was born quit that job. My husband is a computer programmer. We rent a small house with a big yard, a yard which I am so thankful to have. But during the summer my husband has to mow it every week, so we have mixed feelings about it. 😉

Im quiet, thoughtful (as in many thoughts abide in my head), straightforward, and rather scatterbrained since Ive became a mom. I miss my brain.

I love pretty much anything craft-related. I never seem to stick to one thing but have craft supplies scattered everywhere! Im an avid reader of all kinds of literature and yes, I have read Jane Austen. And Charlotte Bronte. 😉 I love cooking, but dont love cleaning up after myself. I love coffee (Starbucks is heaven!), expensive dark chocolate, and hummus. 😉

Im imperfect, but happily loved by my family and my God. I believe in the Bible and in an all-powerful God whose grace is given freely to anyone who believes He is God and truly desires to have a relationship with Him. Im so thankful to have Him in my life, and Im thankful that He loves and accepts me despite my mistakes.

About Kindred Spirit Mommy:

I was originally inspired by Anne to go with the kindred spirit theme you have read Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery and the rest of the series, havent you? I hope so, because if you havent youre missing out! Anne of the Island is my absolute favorite in the series.

Anyway, I feel that all mommies are kindred spirits, so thats why I decided to go with Kindred Spirit Mommy. Im a mommy, for sure, and all of my thoughts and feelings (and blog posts) are coming from the heart of a mom of a precocious toddler and preschooler. I have enjoyed meeting kindred spirits through this blog and the blogosphere and love sharing new and cool family products that make life easier. Its even better when I can offer giveaways to my readers! I also share recipes, host a creative moms blog hop, and blog pretty much whatever inspires me.