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A Surprise From Great Grandma :)

Theres nothing more exciting for a kid than to get mail, right? We received a package from my grandma a few weeks ago and it was the highlight of our week! She always packs large boxes full of interesting little things, and theres something for everyone in the family. The kids couldnt wait to tear into it! My grandma is also a free-spirited artist, and I was delighted to see that our package had a beautiful painting right on the top. I managed to save it before it was ripped to shreds by my greedy excitable children. 😉 Isnt it beautiful? A little bit of Alaska sent right to my door. Thanks, grandma! 🙂

Bedtime Woes, Singing Babies, and Anniversary Gifts (Today’s Random Thoughts)

Prepare for randomness. 🙂 Were having bedtime woes lately. Emma has suddenly become a maaaaaster at making up excuses to come out of her room after Ive tucked her in for the night. The door opens, she needs to go potty. Oookay, go for it, chickie! She needs one last kiss and hug before going back to sleep. Can I tuck her in again? I tuck her in, tell them both to go to sleep. Two minutes later the door opens. She sees a MONSTER in her room! I really think this is a ruse, something she learned she could do through a childrens book or something because she has a slight smile behind her eyes when she tells me about the glowing eyes on her ceiling, and shes aaawfully cheery when she bounces back into bed. Three minutes later the door flies open again and she informs me she…

Focus on Children’s Books: Pantone Colors – Excellent Tool For Teaching Color Shades!

If youre looking for a good resource for teaching colors and the difference between different shades of colors, then look no further! Pantone Colors introduces children to 9 different colors and 20 different shades for each color with clean, vibrant illustrations in a sturdy oversized board book. Is it appealing to kids? Just look at my little guys expression! Emma and I played a little game with this fun book that she loved. First I had her find some colorful objects, then we looked through the book and tried to match the shade as closely as possible: I told her the names of each color and she was very interested in the fact that there were different names for each shade. This would be a hard concept to teach without a resource like this. 🙂 Recommended for its bright colors, fun illustrations, and uniqueness! Want it? You can find Pantone…

Siblings :)

Just had to share this moment I caught with the camera. 🙂 I love that they are so close!

I Seriously Was Surprised To Find… (Proud Mommy Moment)

That Emma can write. Like uppercase and lowercase letters, really well. And she has been sounding out and writing words I give her like cat, dog, mom. Im surprised because she went from doing nothing but tracing on these really cool dry erase tracing books to writing words on paper! When she wrote this, I was busy at the computer and not really paying attention. She asked me how to spell my name so I told her, one letter at a time. Then she said, Look, mommy! I wrote it down! Im having a proud mommy moment. 🙂 Tell me about a recent proud mommy moment you had!

The Wagon That Would Not Move

Jump in, Isaac! Ill pull you! *grunt* *groan* This is *wheeze* harder than it looks! This is much less of a thrill than I had expected and hoped for Only one thing to do.

The Post in Which I Talk About My Independent 4-Year-Old and Encourage Child Labor ;-)

Emma is going through a serious independent stage right now! Heaven help me. Some of the things Ive heard her say lately: I can do it all by myself! Please dont help me. Im a big girl, mom NOT a baby. I want to learn to cook, mom. (Then later, Daddy, I made this beef all by myself!) Im growing bigger, Im growing up high, high to the SKY! Will I be taller soon, mommy? When Im cooking or cleaning, shes right there wanting to do it with me. She tirelessly pulls one of our tall chairs into the kitchen to stand on every day and puts it back when shes done (the girl has developed some muscle doing this). She would love to make dinner herself and has been asking me lately if she can then shes crestfallen if I say I need to handle the hot stuff for…

My “10 Things to Do Before 2013″ It List

Everyone should make one of these! Ill cross them off as I get them done. 1. Get this camera. I tried out a friends and seriously love it! I will sell all my possessions and buy it if need be. 😉 2. Find a good go-to homemade/handmade bread recipe. 3. Get better at vlogging. 4. Establish a routine with Emma regarding preschool/crafts/fun time that we can keep up with but isnt overwhelming. 5. Start reading my Bible and spending time with God every morning before I do anything else (including getting on the computer!). 6. Make Emma another dress with this really cute horsey fabric I bought from YardSellr. 7. Get a professional family photo shoot! 🙂 8. Spend a weekend at the coast with my husband, just the two of us! I havent been away from my children ever for more than a few hours, so itll be painful…

My Little Clown :)

Isaac loves (I mean LOVES) to make his family laugh! He is such a little clown! 🙂 Wait, where did he go? 🙂