What This Blog is All About

I’m a high-spirited, adventure-loving mom/gladiator with a passion for energizing and emboldening women to be be unapologetically themselves.

I’ve survived a few… shall we say “distressing plot twists” – these character-building moments have given me a heart for women like myself who want to be strong and undaunted by life’s challenges.  We don’t want to be doormat material!

My mission is to give moms the courage to think outside the box and live more confident, purposeful lives; to inspire them to pursue their dreams in a world that raises its eyebrows at anyone who doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job; to encourage women of faith to be more than a cookie cutter Christian; to provide all moms with the confidence they need to homeschool like a rock star;  and to give them the tools they need to live a simpler, less stressful lifestyle.

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