Letter of the Day Cookies – Delicious AND Educational! ;-)

We love these Letter of the Day Cookies for many reasons.

1. Theyre truly some of the YUMMIEST cookies Ive eaten from a box. Oi, vanilla!
2. Theyre organic!
3. Each cookie has a letter on it, making it the perfect teaching tool. I know, Im a mean mom I made Emma sound out the word before she could eat it. 😉

With that kind of incentive before her, she had no attention span problems whatsoever.

Her reading is coming along nicely. Im not really pushing her too hard learning to read because shes a little more distracted now that summer is here. She is only able to focus so long. But we have plenty of practice through games, daily story reading, her Fridge Phonics Word Whammer, and computer games. She already knows the sounds of all the letters of the alphabet and is able to sound out short words with a little help, so I know were on the right track. Hurray for having a little girl who wants to learn to read! 🙂