Our Weekend in Pictures (Chickens, Gardening, & Smiles)

The kids and I spent a long weekend (Thursday through Monday) at my parents house a few days ago and had a blast. My parents have a lot going on chickens, a nice fenced yard with a garden, dogs, and my sister and her kids live very close by so we get to see them often when we stay. We were kept busy nonstop, and the kids loved it.

Heres Emma with one of six new chicks:

These chicks are in the kitchen and are the center of attention

One of my nieces showing off her chicken whisperer abilities. 😉

Aunt Kristy painted Emmas fingernails and toenails

And Emma was delighted to be able to help grandma plant some flowers in a pot:

Isaac helped, too.

Emma reeeally got into the planting, watching everything grandma did and wanting to do it all herself, including getting dirt, watering, and enjoying them after.

Later she helped with some yard work.

And attempted to climb the trees like the squirrels do. She was disappointed in her inability.

Emma was so BUSY all of the time that she fell asleep at some point every day, then jumped up and kept going until nighttime. She slept great every night both kids did!

Isaac had fun, too he followed Emma everywhere she went and really got a chance to bond with grandma that he hadnt had before. Hes turning into a little boy and out of the gimme gimme infant stage finally. 😉 Here he is enjoying grandmas toy cupboard:

I love that little smile. 🙂

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?