Why I Love My Hammock Swing (NOVICA Review)

I really love hammock swings. They are different (and in my opinion, much more superior) than regular hammocks because:

1. You can completely relax in one without worrying about flipping out.
2. You can spin around in circles on a hammock swing, making it more fun for kids. Do I recommend this, though? No. 😉 Especially not in mine.
3. In a gentle breeze, you rock back and forth and it is such a peaceful feeling!
4. In a cotton swing like the one I have below you are kept warmer than you would be in a mesh swing.

5. If you can escape from the children, you can lay back with a book and its total heaven. Or if a little someone will sit still and cuddle with you, thats nice, too. 🙂 Thats not something you could do too securely in a regular hammock.

My hammock swing, called the Cocacabana Hammock Swing, is handcrafted, and holds up to 160 pounds. I love that the part you sit in is woven cotton fabric (its like a tough canvas cotton, not soft, but it is smooth) and not mesh its so much more comfortable that way! It came in a long tubular box and didnt take long to get to me after ordering it all! Not bad considering it came from Brazil. 🙂

I found this hammock swing, a beautiful royal blue length of cotton hanging on a eucalyptus rod, online at NOVICA. Have you ever shopped there? There is an overwhelming selection of things for the home, womens accessories, wool scarves, jewelry, furniture, and clothing and many of the pieces are handcrafted and come from all around the world! Its really an awesome place to buy gifts (and gift certificates) from because your recipient is sure to find something cool and unique that he or she loves.

Some awesomeness from Novica that I love:

What do YOU love from NOVICA?

I received a hammock swing free of charge thanks to the awesome people at NOVICA so that I could share my thoughts on it with you. I always give my honest opinion uninfluenced by the company or free product provided. If my opinion changes over time (as does sometimes happen), I will edit this post with the update. This post is 100% my own words. 🙂