We did it!

We put in our applications for that house I was telling you about!
(If you missed that post, you can read it here:
The Amazing Adventures of Lindsey, House-Hunting Extraordinaire!)

I am so excited if were approved (and its pretty much for sure), it will be our first house since I met my husband and we got married. A real house! For someone who has been living in detestable apartments (they arent so bad, but I detest them because I feel claustrophobic) for six years, this is AWESOME.

Apartments always feel so temporary, ya know? Thats how they feel to me, anyway. Im already happily planning how Ill decorate and make everything homey. And Im especially excited about making Emmas room beautiful for the first time shell have a room she can love and know is hers!

I cant wait! 🙂