Shaun the Sheep Season TWO is Now Available on DVD! (Great Gift Idea!)

The second season of Shaun the Sheep is finally available on DVD! YES! If you read my blog regularly, you know that my whole family adores this series. My husband is the one who introduced me to Wallace and Gromit, and I in turn introduced him to Shaun and his sheep friends, pig enemies, and the farmer and his dog. This really is an addictive show, and totally hilarious! How the writers were able to come up with a show that has essentially no dialogue but is so entertaining, I dont know. They must be geniuses.

This 2-DVD set includes all 40 episodes from season 2 in one set! I really like this a lot better than buying DVDs separately, its nice to be able to have all of the episodes on these two DVDs. And the special features are great, too!

Special Features:

Whack-A-Pig Game
Sheep-Shearing Game
Meet the Animals Video
Sing-Along With Shaun Video
Building A Pig Video
The Mini Making of Shaun
Timmy Time Sneak Peek
Timmys Tune
Behind-the-Scenes Gallery

Where to Buy:

You can find Shaun the Sheep Season 2 at, or it can be purchased in-store at Target, Fred Meyer, Walmart, and many more stores.

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