My Experience With Wittlebee, a New Monthly Subscription Kids Clothing Service (And a Special Link for $10 Off!)

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So whats Wittlebee about? Well, if you like the thought of having a box of really nice, high-end clothing for your kids arriving at your door, you may want to give it a try! Here are some example boxes:

Wittlebee sends tops, bottoms, dresses, socks, and underwear (8 items to a box) from brands such as BabyGap, American Apparel, Cottonseed, and Gymboree. They focus mostly on basics, but they like to include special pieces in their boxes to mix things up. The cool part? After you sign up, you are contacted by a stylist and you answer a few questions (size/color preferences, etc) so they can make up a special box for you. They build the box based on your specifications and requests! Currently they make boxes for kids sizes newborn to 5T, and are looking into doing bigger sizes. Its $39 per month (per box).

My experience:

When I heard about Wittlebee, I was intrigued. I had to try it! I think $39 is a great price for 8 high-quality pieces of clothing. I got a discount for my first box, so it was an even better deal for me, too. After filling out a quick form, I received an email from my stylist and replied with very specific requests, mainly asking for girly styles, ruffles if possible, and told them the colors I wanted (and didnt). A couple weeks later, this is the box of clothing I received:

Ill admit that I wasnt thrilled with all of the items in the box when I received it. Dont get me wrong, there are some awesome brands here like BabyGap and Flap Happy and the quality of the clothing is much nicer than what I usually buy (Carters, Old Navy, etc). My favorites in the box are the brown American Apparel shirt, the two pairs of leggings, and the capris. And although it is pink, the turtleneck is adorable with its ruched neck. But well, I had asked for certain things and didnt feel that my requests had been taken into account when putting the box together. So I sent Wittlebee an email telling them everything I received a pink shirt when I asked for no pink, only two of the colors I requested were in the box, and I had said that we like girly styles and ruffles nothing in this box said girly to me, and I didnt think what I received was anything like the sample box photos on their website or on their Facebook page.

Im happy to say that they were very easy to communicate with, in fact I emailed them on Saturday morning and they got back to me Saturday night telling me they were sorry and would send me replacement items right away. About a week later I received these:


Overall Im satisfied with my experience. I recognize that this company is very new and I know that they become popular very very quickly they were overwhelmed with orders and admitted it but said they wanted everyone 100% satisfied and they really pulled it off I think. They have great customer service and are very active on their Facebook wall. I have seen some cute little boy boxes and would like to try again in the summer for Isaac. I think what I will do differently next time is tell them exactly what items I want, even down to being specific about the color and style of each item (short sleeve shirts, pants, etc). I think by then there will be a lot of sample boxes to take examples from, too. Ive seen some great customer photos lately so I think Ill be happy with what I get. 🙂

UPDATE 5/26/12: I just received my second box, a BOY box this time for Isaac. I was very specific in my notes to the stylist about what I wanted and they followed everything to the letter! I LOVE the box I received! For this box, I asked for shorts and t-shirts, and a swimsuit obviously I got that. 🙂 I also asked for a jacket (which was a long-shot I know they dont send out coats or jackets) and they sent me a really cute Tea Collection light hoodie. Style-wise I told them we like plaids, polos, and bright colors BUT we like rock star styles too. I told them we dont like solids so much when it comes to tops. I think they did a great job making a box up with things I would have picked out!

Some other things you should know:

Wittlebee has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but they only send out up to three (3) replacement items if you decide not to get another box. They dont require you to send back items, though. They will replace all your items of course if its a problem on their end (i.e. sending wrong size). But otherwise they send out replacement items in your next box.

To find out more, read their FAQ!

More box examples:

So do you want to try a box?

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Have you tried Wittlebee for yourself yet? What do you think of it so far?

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