Why, Oh Why Did You Do That?

Oh. So. True.

Knowing that the question is useless hasnt stopped me from using it on my 3-year-old, though. And something like taking all of the wipes out of the wipes container doesnt usually make me ask why, usually. I know why she thought it would be fun! And the only time Ive seen her use excessive wipes is when shes making her stuffed animal a bed made completely of wipes. *grimace*

I ask why when its something that causes me a lot of extra work or when she knows its wrong but does it anyway. Why oh why did she scribble all over her social security card when I stupidly left it out on the table when there was blank white paper she could have drawn on nearby? Why oh why wont she wear the outfit I set out for her? And why did she pull all of Isaacs clothes out of his drawers, leaving them strewn around the bedroom?

Now that shes began talking (my ear off), Im finding out why. Only knowing why doesnt always help because a 3-year-olds reasoning is not even close to mine. Because, Sea Horse was cold. Because, I need to wear pink today. Because, Isaac needed a certain outfit.

This is just another one of those parenting adventures. I dont think all of the books explaining how a childs brain develops could help me understand the mind of a 3-year-old. 😉

When was the last time you asked your child, WHY?