Who Will Get the New Computer Desk?

This post is for my husband. He doesnt read my blog as a habit but this is one post Im going to make sure he doesnt miss because well, Ive had enough!

This man needs a new computer desk. Correction. He needs a real computer desk because what hes using now is a regular desk not meant for a computer! Believe it or not there is no keyboard tray and no place for the actual computer to go (it sits on top of the desk in a corner) but he still uses it. A lot. He does college online and has to be on it often.

The Evidence: Johns Computer Desk

It cant be comfortable, but he never complains! Thats because hes so easygoing not a complainer. Nice, right? I think this man deserves a newer, nicer place to put his computer.

Oh, did you notice the chair? That seat kept falling off and he finally taped it to the frame. He needs a computer chair, too but one thing at a time!

So Ive been looking at new computer desks. My go-to places would be checking on Craigslist (but I hate HATE shopping there), looking at a furniture store (but usually too spendy), or searching online for a nice desk. What Ive come up with is still a little more than I want to spend but WOW. I would love to have something like this Saratoga desk from the Bush collection:

The thing I really like about this desk is that it goes into a corner. That would be such a space-saver for us! And the optional add-ons for storage are awesome, too. I dont even want to show you the insides of Johns desk drawers. Its too horrible to behold. Cupboard storage like the above or lateral files would be a huge help when it comes to getting him organized, thats for sure!

So now I just have to get John motivated to go desk shopping!

And in case you were wondering, I do have a computer desk. Its a cheapie from Walmart but it works. Its meant for a computer anyway.

If John wants to take mine and get me a new one, though

I would not be opposed. 😉

Where did you get your computer desk?