My favorite (and not-so-favorite) places to buy maternity/nursing clothing

Im at the end of my pregnancy, can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday I was announcing the fact that I was pregnant, and then immediately after my discovery of the babys gender. 🙂

But now Im ready to share the results of my quest to find maternity clothing that is both comfortable AND stylish, and Im excited to tell you about my experiences good and bad. Some of these brands I worked with on product reviews and some I bought myself. Any companies I worked with directly dont know about this post and Im not obligated to add them in any way but I will identify the clothing I bought and the clothing I reviewed for you.

Rest assured that anything included in this post is a maternity product I had a TERRIFIC experience with personally and highly recommend!

If youve recently been or are currently pregnant, you know what Im talking about when it comes to a quest to find comfortable clothing to wear. We are pregnant for such a short time, though it can FEEL like an eternity. There are usually two seasons that you need clothes for and then its all over. I did go a little too crazy with the spring seasonal clothing and ended up with 6 or 7 tank tops, two pairs of shorts, a skirt, and a pair of capris that I havent been able to wear during the colder weather.


Well actually I did wear the tank tops for layering during the Fall/winter months, so thats not entirely true. And I wear leggings with the skirt. But you see what I mean. Before I had a chance to actually wear them very much it was time to think long sleeves!

So being wise in purchasing maternity clothing is very important.

Now. Here are a few of my favorite places to shop, both online and in-store, and what I liked or didnt:

Motherhood Maternity ( Ive had GREAT experiences with the clothing Ive purchased both in-store and online but I cant recommend purchasing bras or underwear. The bras dont seem to hold up well and Ive never found one (in two pregnancies) that was really comfortable. Underwear has fallen apart at the seams too quickly, too. Not good! As far as the clothing goes, they can be pricey but everything Ive purchased has been quality and held up well, and they do have good sales if you keep an eye out for them.

Some of my favorite purchases from MM (click to go the product some are on sale now!):

This coat was on my wishlist but it must be sold out now sad!:

Oh, and I also have this ruched side graphic tee and its super comfortable and lasted through all three trimesters (size small even!). Its on clearance now but only available in large. But if you see those on sale in-store or online with the stretchy ruched sides, grab one!

Bravado( I worked with Bravado on a review of the Bliss Nursing Bra and WOW I went from torture (I was wearing Motherhood Maternity bras, ahem) to instant comfort as soon as I put it on. I have worn it throughout my entire pregnancy and am SO happy with it! I plan to buy more for sure. At $54.00, it seemed too pricey for me at first glance, but considering how many bras Ive had to buy in the past I KNOW its worth spending it all in one chunk and actually being comfortable in pregnancy and when nursing. By the time I was done nursing Emma (after a little over a year), my MM bras were stretched out and SO uncomfortable. I couldnt wait to stop wearing them. So let me say again: buying a nice bra like the Bliss Nursing Bra is WORTH IT!

Belabumbum ( I recently purchased the set on the left when Zulily had a TERRIFIC sale going (see, it is worth joining Zulily!). This set is so pretty, soft, and comfortable, I love it! And I love that its great for maternity and nursing wear. The same goes for the bamboo chemise on the right, which I actually purchased from for REALLY cheap. It is also soft and comfy and something Ive worn through my entire pregnancy. Its not a nursing chemise, but really nice and Ill definitely wear it for nursing as well.

Just Jen ( This is another maternity shirt I received for review and it is one of my favorites! I wore it constantly through my second trimester and can still wear it if I wear a black belly band with it it did get a little too short, making me wish I had gone one size larger or had purchased another one in a larger size for the third trimester. But it is SO comfortable and became my absolute favorite maternity t-shirt. I can recommend them highly. Oh, and NO crystals fell off despite my numerous washings YAY!

Preggers ( If youre going to be wearing a lot of dresses and skirts during your pregnancy, its worth investing in a pair or two of these. I received a pair of their tights and stockings for review and love them! Theyre really comfortable to wear, just a total PAIN to put on but once you get past putting them on theyre awesome. 😉 Another reason to like them: They work like compression stockings, relieving swelling and improving circulation. I had a chance to test that out myself since I havent been too swollen this pregnancy but so far but I did notice a cooling feeling and relief when on my feet. Oh, and they dont show under clothing.

BumpStyle ( This is another FAVORITE maternity top because it makes me look good, lol. I love its versatility (it can be worn four different ways), and the fact that it can be worn after pregnancy, too! Its super comfortable, stretchy, and Ive gotten a lot of compliments on it. I received this one for review.

Everly Grey ( Another company I worked with (review here) and am SO happy with the clothing I received. The turtleneck is my most comfortable winter top so far, and to my delight has stretched nicely so that I can wear it in my third trimester. YAY! The quality of the nursing top (right) is wonderful and its really soft. I was really happy with these two items and would definitely purchase in the future.

Milan Maternity ( I took advantage of their Black Friday sale and bought a top and a sweater and I love them! Im so glad I made this last order because I think this will be my last time being pregnant and it feels nice to know I have a couple tops that Im comfortable in and make me look good despite my size. I also can wear the sweater after the baby so Im happy about that. 🙂 Recommended highly! I love all of their clothing styles.

(Oh and heres me in the shirt on the left)

Kikis Fashions ( Ive had great and not great experiences here, so you have to be careful. The sleeveless top I reviewed never was real comfortable by itself though its nice and long and definitely stylish. The problem is that the bodice part runs small (something I was warned of). It looks really cute under a sweater but I never did love it. Then recently I purchased a dress from them (below mine thankfully isnt that short on me) and LOVE it! Its not even available anymore but I did find a picture of it for you. I think the key to shopping here is to not be afraid to ask questions about the sizing before ordering if you are questioning, and to be ready to exchange it if you dont love it. The prices are so awesome that its worth some trial and error! My friend Erin reviewed a top from Kikis too and she looked AMAZING in hers (shes the pretty pregnant girl in the picture on right) so maybe my first experience was just a fluke. Oh and the first top I reviewed and didnt love is gone now. They have a pretty high turnaround of clothing and an excellent sale and clearance under $10 area so its a place worth keeping an eye on.

For Two Fitness ( I almost forgot this one! I worked with this company on a review of one of their maternity fitness tanks and it is SO comfortable and flattering. Its the only top Ill wear for working out. There are some really cute designs, too. I recommend checking them out. 🙂

More Places TO BUY

Kohls: I love the quality of the clothing there and have had a great experience with their jeans and tops. They are pretty pricey, so if you can get a coupon before you go in that would be awesome!

JCPenney: I didnt love their style in general and their in-store selection was limited, but I did get two very cute spring tops when I first was pregnant that I loved. Shop online here.

More Places NOT TO BUY (or just be cautious and try on everything first)

Target: Did not like anything I bought from their new maternity section, and dont love their selection.

Old Navy: Our Old Navy had pretty much NOTHING to pick from, though I know my friend Erin got a really cute maternity skirt there that she liked. I tried on several different pairs of jeans and nothing looked good. For this reason I was afraid to make an online order, though their online selection has some pretty cute-looking stuff.

Great Places to Look for Deals on Maternity Clothing:
Zulily (Limited-Time Deals)
Totsy (Limited-Time Deals)
Liluxe (Limited-Time Deals)

One of the best tips I can give you for finding deals is to follow your favorite companies on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for coupon codes, flash sales, etc. Thats how I found out Milan Maternity was having a Black Friday Sale!

Where do you like to shop for maternity clothes? Do you have any specific recommendations?

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