When’s the Last Time You Bought a Pregnancy Test?

Reading this post on a favorite blog about buying pregnancy tests from the Dollar Store got me thinking. And since my kids are currently still sleeping right now (this NEVER happens!) I had to ask. Why are pregnancy tests so dang expensive at grocery stores?

I am convinced that whoever makes these things and sells them to either panicked or hopeful women just knows were theyre going to be desperate enough to grab the test and buy it without even looking at the price. Later, theyll wonder why they have no money for food, poor things

If youve ever wondered if the Dollar Store pregnancy tests are accurate well, they are. I used them to confirm whether or not I was pregnant both times and never did get a false uh, negative. Or false positive for that matter. I do recommend buying more than one (at $1 each thats not a problem) and checking twice. They were always right for me the first time, though.

But back to the fact that pregnancy tests are so expensive really, the only reason I can think of buying one at the more expensive price is HOW you want to be told. For instance, there are digital tests that will actually say Pregnant or Not Pregnant and one brand even has an hour glass while youre supposed to be waiting so you dont have to wonder should I check now?

But really, how hard it is to count the lines on a cheaper test? 🙂

Good grief, theres even a pregnancy test with a conception indicator!

We almost dont need doctors anymore wonder if theres one that delivers the baby for you! 😉

What do YOU think?

No, this post is not code for I am pregnant nor am I thinking about getting pregnant again. Just musing out loud. 🙂