When Teaching Your Toddler Manners Backfires…

I have been sooo happy with the fact that Emma has been saying please and thank you lately. Theres nothing more satisfying to a mommy than knowing her child can be polite! And toddlers love to please.

But every once in awhile something Ive taught Emma backfires. Like teaching her to say No, thank you when I offer her something she doesnt want. She has really gotten into that No, thank you business recently. In fact, when I told her today it was time to clean up her toys she looked me right in the eye and said very loudly and clearly, No, thank you!!!.

Lucky you, I caught it on my Flip because you really have to see it for yourself to appreciate the mischievous gleam in her eye when she says it. Im pretty sure shes thinking, I outsmarted mommy again!

(Please excuse the mad scientist hair)

And yes, I still had her pick up her toys. 😉