When Babies Get Together…

My friend Erin and I have babies pretty much the same age I think her son, Owen, is 2 or 3 weeks older. The other day we got together and put our little guys down on the floor to see how they would interact. This is their first meeting since theyve been mobile (doing more than just sitting).

It was so funny to watch! They grabbed each others clothes, tried to mouth each other (Isaac has no teeth but Owen has quite a few so we kept an eye on him, haha), and even smacked each other. Repeatedly. Ive never seen Isaac go at anything like he was that other baby! And Owen was just as entertained doing the same thing to Isaac.

I just want to know, what goes on in those little brains when they see another baby? Is it jealousy, curiosity? A combination of the two? And really they both acted exactly the same, one kid wasnt smacking the other more. Erin and I just tried to keep them from doing any real damage to each other. Is this a boy thing? lol

Has anyone had a similar (or completely different) situation when letting babies play together? I cant help but wonder if twins do this to each other?