What Would You Do If You Were Mistakenly Implanted With Another Woman’s Embryo?

Do you remember this story? In 2009, Carolyn Savage underwent fertility treatments and IVF. There was a mix-up at the hospital and the wrong fertilized embryo was implanted in her. I just heard about this and was shocked to discover this could even happen she became pregnant with another womans child!

Its her reaction and decisions that really amaze me, though. She chose to give up her baby to the family he is related to by blood. Yes, legally he is their child. She went through 9 months of bonding with that little boy inside of her and, after going through the pains of childbirth as well, ultimately had to give him up to someone she didnt even know.

And she only had 45 minutes with him after he was born.

Just thinking about it hurts me so much, I cant imagine what would I do? From what Ive read, Carolyn had the choice to end the pregnancy and wouldnt have to go through all of this. But that is a very tough decision. I know I would do the same thing Carolyn did, though I believe that youre carrying a baby from the moment he or she starts growing inside you so I could never have an abortion. But wow. All the things you would feel knowing that a mistake had been made by the doctor/nurse/whoever and now you would deal with this for the rest of your life.

And Im sure it hasnt been easy for the other family, either.

It really makes me think about the risks of IVF Ive never had an issue with it, but I cant help but wonder if this has happened before unknowingly. Im sure it has. Not that any mother would care (obviously) when you give birth to a child you immediately think of it as YOURS. And rightly so. But if there was a mix-up

Well, I keep thinking what happened to Carolyns embryo?

Anyway, I know that fertility treatments have made so many mommies dreams come true I dont think a possible mistake would stop most of us from doing it. Hopefully this has made the people whose jobs it is to take care of and implant those embryos a whole lot more careful.

My prayers are with Carolyn and her family. I think it was a very brave and wonderful thing she did!

Carolyn and her husband Sean have written a book called Inconceivable about their experiences. I havent read it but want to. Has anyone else read it?