What We Did in Preschool This Week (Letter B, Pretty Bugs Pack)

We focused on the letter B
(Do-a-Dot Letter B Page thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler)

(We used the Pretty Bugs Preschool Pack from 1+1+1+1=1 for many of the following activities.)

Sorting by color:

Reading a special book I laminated and put together for her that teaches the concepts of behind, inside, under, etc.

This page says, The snail is behind the flower.

This is a game that helps kids learn their numbers. There are 10 leaves with the numbers 1-10 printed on them.

I had Emma close her eyes (yes, she peeked!) while I hid the dragonfly behind a leaf.

Then I asked her to say the leaf numbers as she looked under each one to see if the dragonfly was underneath. She also enjoyed setting the game up in number order.

We played a sorting game

Learning the differences between bugs and flowers and the similarities, like theyre both alive!

Using dry-erase markers, she found and traced the shapes (sort of) on this worksheet:

You have to expect some scribbling and silly play when you are teaching preschoolers just go with it and have fun! 🙂

We also played with some of her educational games and puzzles including this Learning Resources Peg Play game. 🙂

We put together this bug craft and hung it on the wall she LOVED the googly eyes. All the supplies were found at the Dollar Store!
I meant these to be butterflies but we didnt get to the wings yet we may still add tissue paper wings. Until then they are bugs. 😉

Even though I didnt get to everything I had planned this week (I do have a baby, too), we had a great week and Im glad we accomplished something!