What I’ve Been Doing This Week :)

What Im Reading:

Always the Baker Never the Bride
by Sandra. D. Bricker

This is a CUTE story about a baker who is falling for her boss at the wedding destination hotel she works for. The main character, Emma Rae, is in her 30s and independent, confident, quirky, fun, and totally someone I would want to be friends with. The things she does are so real I cant help but love her and her story. There are sweets and recipes all through the book, so probably not the best book to read if youre trying to be good in the diet area, but definitely some mouth-watering recipes I want to try. Enjoying this one!

What Im Watching

Hubby and I are watching the BBC series Merlin on Netflix through (again). Dont you love Merlins personality, and the way they have you laughing at something silly in every episode? The series has gotten better and better, too. Cant wait to see new episodes! (We dont have cable so I have to waaaaait)

After everyone goes to bed sometimes I watch a movie for myself the one that comes to mind right now is The Decoy Bride, a movie I absolutely LOVED. The romance, the British accents, the island (which is apparently boring but to me looks simply glorious), the fact that David Tennant is in it, and of course the quirky humor made this a very enjoyable watch for me. Then my husband surprised me by really liking it, too!

What Im Making

Hair clips! 🙂

Ive been making these little ribbon streamer ponytail clips for Emma love them!

What have you been doing this week?