What Did You Do This Weekend? (And a brief-ish account of my crazy weekend)

Heres what I did this weekend:

Stared at my huge self in the mirror.

Got asked if I was completely sure Im not having twins.

Bought a new vacuum because I thought ours was broken but when we came home, John took a big wad of dog hair out of it. Still, the new vacuum (a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser) is AWEEEEEEEEESOME and I really needed a new one anyway. Even after fixing and vacuuming with my old vacuum, when I went over it with my new one it picked up tons of dirt and hair my old one had missed. Yes! (And yuck!)

Felt huge and pregnant. When I tried to finish vacuuming and got so tired I had to sit down, I knew it was time to start working out more. Come Monday. Oh, thats today.

Went to Kohls and got a pair of maternity pants for my huge self theyre so cute!

Tried a restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes for the first time its a salad bar buffet. If you like to pay $8 for a plate of salad and some soup its great. But John mentioned while we were there that we could have gone to Olive Garden and had unlimited soup salad and breadsticks and I wanted to kill him. lol Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant. Still, we had fun and Emma enjoyed it though she is at the pickiest eating stage EVERRRRR and would only eat some macaroni and cheese.

Tried to keep Emma entertained all the rainy weekend without resorting to TV. Failed.

Read Time for School, Mouse eight times out loud.

Watched the Baby Signs All Aboard the Potty Train DVD 25 times. Choo choo!

Looked on helplessly from the couch (which is not built for pregnant women and sinks down deep when you sit down) while Emma dragged all of her books and toys out of her shelf and spread them around so that she could take careful inventory of her belongings.

Made a yummy dinner spur of the moment (I dont plan meals YET) of alfredo pasta, broccoli, peas, carrots, lima beans, mushrooms, and zucchini. Patted myself on the back. Hubby and even picky child loved it!

Felt huge.

Followed John through Guitar Center while he looked at guitars we couldnt possibly afford just for fun. I then looked at professional keyboards and felt sad I dont have a piano and havent had one for over two years.

Blogged a tutorial on making hair clips. It only took me about 2 hours with toddler interruptions.

Attended a church potluck whereat I ate excellent food and asked for two recipes, meatballs in an orange sauce and Teriyaki chicken wings (actually John asked for that last one).

Felt huge when it was time to put Emma to bed and I realized she is getting too heavy for me to even lift up and put in the crib. Or maybe Im getting weaker?

Tried to keep my constant heartburn from making me miserable. It doesnt matter what I eat, I just have it! *sigh*

So what did you do over the weekend?