We’re about 90% sure… it’s a boy!

Well, I went in for my 20-week ultrasound today. I was so excited about it all week I could barely focus on any task and last night I didnt sleep well. Okay, part of that was heartburn. But I have been looking forward to finding out whether were having a girl or a boy for a long time! And today I finally found out. A boy! 🙂

I was kind of in shock at first. I know nothing about boys and was finding it easier to imagine carrying another girl than a little boy. I grew up with one sister and didnt have a lot of friends who were boys so I feel completely clueless. Will they enjoy playing together? I have a lot of questions and Im sure theyll be answered as time goes on.

Im now thinking happily about all of the cute boy fabrics I need to buy so that I can start making bibs, burp cloths, and blankets for this little one! And Ill need a crib set wow, we have so much pink in this house. lol Guess thatll change!

Heres a picture of the minky blanket I made for him:

A good friend from church who just had a little boy is going to give me a lot of cute little boy clothes, so that will be a definite blessing. I have still have most of Emmas girl clothes I was thinking I might use (when I thought I was having a girl). Theyre not in the greatest shape so not really anything I would want to pass on not that I know anyone having a girl so Ill be making them into a memory quilt for Emma. That will be a fun project.

Im glad I didnt put too much thought into a girl name. I had a lot of favorites written down somewhere but as far as boy names, my husband really wanted to be able to name our baby if it was a boy. Since I named Emma. 🙂 And he has had the name Isaac picked out since he found out we were pregnant.

I wasnt sure about the name Isaac at first, but I really like it now. And Im relieved that I dont have to be thinking about names! I can focus on the important things: clothes, accessories, and bedding! Yes, the fun stuff. 🙂

I wasnt sure how I would feel if I found out I was having a boy, but right now I feel nothing but extreme happiness and excitement. Everything looked good and hes growing symmetrically, and he has arms and legs who can ask for more? 🙂

So, did you find out what gender your baby was, or do you want to if youre pregnant now?