We Hatched a Baby Alligator!

This is a great hands-on preschool activity! It shows children exactly how an egg hatches and only takes three days. We used this package from ToySmith (which just happens to be on sale at Amazon.com for under $3.00!):

Day 1

This definitely teaches a bit of patience. Having to wait for the egg to hatch without touching and playing with it was torture for Emma!

Day 2

But the second morning we awakened to this:

Oh the excitement!

Then his little head peeked out.

Emma watched his progress with deep interest and devotion.

Day 3

We were able to help him come out of his shell on the third morning!

He didnt grow much bigger than that, but then Emma couldnt leave him alone once he had completely hatched. Even now he resides in my sink

*Sigh* Hes like one of the family now

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