Link Up Your Creative Posts – AND a Wallflower Tutorial You’ll Love!

I am SO excited about showing off my wallflowers!

But first, check out this AWESOME tutorial by Made that I followed Tutorial: Wallflowers

Can you believe those are made out of NAPKINS?

So mine are going to pale in comparison, especially considering I have no good source of light in my living room but believe me they look good. Even my husband loves them and he cares NOTHING for decor. lol

I used napkins from Ikea but only grabbed white unfortunately. I still think theyre elegant, though. 🙂 Im thinking of making some more and painting them before putting them together this time. Theyre really quick and easy to make I made about 9 of them yesterday. These are actually made with a different technique so that the petals look different than the ones in the picture above.

If I can get some better photos tomorrow when there is natural daylight coming in, Ill post them here. 🙂

Until then, though

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