Vroom, Vroom! Remote Control Racecars are a Blast!

Weve been enjoying this remote control dirt buggy from Xenon Project for the past couple of weeks. It had been awhile since I had experienced the fun of controlling a speeding miniature vehicle! Seriously, I think I was 12 the last time I had one of these! If Im doing the math correctly, thats 16 years ago. Wow, that makes me sound really old.

So Emma, at 3, got to experience this for the first time ever recently and boy was she feeling the high associated with it! She loves this toy and asks to drive the car every day. I was pleased with how quickly she caught on to the workings of the controller, too! Kids are so smart SO young nowadays! Well, maybe theyve always been this smart. 🙂

This is a terrific little buggy for the price, $19.99. I know that buying inexpensive can mean you dont get a quality toy, but I was pleased with the way this one is made. Just be aware that some remote control cars, like this one, are meant to be played with indoors only. I did think it was rather humorous that the one we have is called a Racing Dirt Buggy when its not meant to be in actual dirt, though. 😉 Regardless, we took it outside and played with it on gravel and it did great! In fact, my husband had to get in on the fun and he made it do some pretty cool things its a powerful little buggy! Not quite powerful enough for rough terrain, but then it is a racing car and is built for speed.

Video Demo:

The batteries in our racing buggy went dead after only the second time playing with it, something that surprised me I had forgotten that these toys use up batteries like crazy! I would recommend buying rechargeable batteries for sure. Its well worth it.

Other remote control toys can be found at Xenon Project including airplanes, helicopters, trucks, boats, and even tanks. Prices range from very inexpensive (perfect for beginners) like the one I received to more pricey for the serious RC enthusiast. This online RC Toys store is recommended!

I received the product above so that I could share my thoughts on it with you!