NEW From VeggieTales: Robin Good and his Not-So-Merry Men {Review}

Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men
Release Date: 3/6/12
Big Idea, Inc

What Its About:
A long time ago, in the faraway town of Bethlingham, roved a band of merry men, led by the fearless Robin Good. Their mission: to help people by fundraising from the rich and giving to the poor! But when a greedy Prince starts stealing the townspeoples hams, donations are down and Robins friends take off and decide to give robbing from the rich a try. Feeling rejected, Robin thinks things cant get any worse, until he finds out that the ham-hoarding Prince has also captured his friends. Can Robin overcome his own hurt, rescue his friends and restore the townspeoples hope? Find out in this fun Veggie story where kids learn that theres no hurt too big for God!

Our Take:
This play on the classic tale, Robin Hood, is a total delight! As with other VeggieTales movies, the story is humorous but meaningful, there is music to sing along to, and the characters are witty and easy to relate to (except for the fact that they are vegetables of course). We are happy to have added Robin Good to our collection! 🙂

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