VeggieTales LIVE: Sing Yourself Silly (DVD Review)

Were big VeggieTales fans, so we were excited about the release of VeggieTales LIVE! Sing Yourself Silly on DVD! This is different from the other VeggieTales releases in that it gives your child the experience of seeing the veggies perform in real life. 🙂

Bob, Larry and the whole crew are taking to the stage with the silliest Silly Song Countdown ever! This high energy song and dance spectacular takes silliness to a whole new level! But sometimes silliness just isnt enough! Archibald Asparagus prefers songs that have lessons, Mr. Lunt wants to sing about food, and Jimmy and Jerry are stuck in the 80s! But theres only so much timewill the VeggieTales crew learn the importance of sharing so that the show can go and everyone will be able to sing themselves silly?

This is such a cute performance, with antics by the giant-sized veggies dancing, singing, and joking. It includes the following songs:

VeggieTales Theme Song
The Water Buffalo Song
Big Things Too
Gourds Just Wanna Have Fun
Song of the Cebu
Dance of the Cucumber
God is Bigger
His Cheeseburger
Love My Lips!
The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything
Do the Moo, Shoo
Rumor Weed
Endangered Love (Barbara Manatee)
The Hairbrush Song
I Can Be Your Friend
VeggieTales Theme Song (Reprise)

This is a pretty funny DVD we loved the songs! The funniest was probably Gourds Just Wanna Have Fun which was sung to the tune of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I cracked up at that!

Video Clip:

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You can purchase the VeggieTales Live: Sing Yourself Silly! DVD at or It retails for $14.99 but can be found at these sites on sale from $9.99!

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