– Outdoor Toys Galore! {Little Tikes Jr. Play Slide Review}

Toys and Games Online is one of my favorites of the popular CSN Stores (200 plus stores!). They have a terrific selection of toys to pick from including but not limited to Little stuffed animals, games and puzzles, toddler development toys, and outdoor play toys for all ages. Not only that, but their prices are great, and its easy to find sales! One thing I really appreciate about is that you can search by category, age of your child, toys for boys or girls, and toys by cartoon character making shopping much simpler and a lot more fun.

Since its Spring and the weather is warming up, I thought it would be the perfect time to search for some fun outdoor toys for my two-year-old, Emma. Let me tell you, Toys and Games Online is outdoor toy heaven! They have ride-on toys, playhouses, slides and swing sets, bikes, and much more. And it seems that no matter what you want, they have something in your price range! I was limited to $40.00, and was trying to decide between a tricycle and a slide. I decided on the slide, and Im so happy with my choice!

We received the Little Tikes Jr. Play Slide for review.

Toy Arrival and Ease of Assembly

It was very easy to order online, and arrived quickly from Toys and Games Online. It came in a box with the slide wrapped in plastic and required NO assembly whatsoever! Awesome!

My First Impression

I immediately unwrapped the slide and unfolded it, putting it in the center of our living room for my daughter to play on. She loves to slide at the park, so I anticipated her loving it. I was also babysitting another 2-year-old at the time and it was an instant hit with them both! They climbed up both the right way and the wrong way and took turns nicely well, most of the time. There were some tiffs over who was going to go down next or whining over someone sitting too long at the top. You know, the normal stuff, lol.

Features We Love

  • The bottom of the slide is curved upward so that little hineys land softly and theres no sudden jolt as they hit the ground.
  • The slide folds and unfolds in a snap, making putting it away easy and quick.
  • Its small enough to fit in your closet!
  • Product size is 39 Wide x 23 Inches High not too intimidating for little ones and still fun for older toddlers.
  • Weighs only 10 pounds I can easily grab it in one hand and my daughter in the other to put it away when were done playing outside.
  • The base is wide and it is very sturdy, making it perfect for little ones learning to climb! Its low to the ground, so any falls will be very minor.
  • Small enough for indoor and outdoor play!
  • Weather resistant and easy to clean.

Action Photos

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Video Demo

What Some Moms May Not Like

I really cant think of anything moms might not like except maybe children fighting over the slide. 😉 The only thing that I dont quite agree with is the age recommendation. I think a three- or four-year-old would be bored with this slide. My daughter is two and I think shell be able to enjoy it for awhile now, but I know that she will like the next size up more as time passes. Honestly, I almost wish I had gone for the next size up this time. This is perfect for ages one to two, maybe a small three-year-old, but not something that will thrill the older toddlers as much as the younger. The older kids can always race cars or help their dolls slide down it, though. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Im so happy with this slide, the Little Tikes brand, and the swiftness of Toys and Games Online in sending me my order! Im already planning on buying the slide that is the next size up for my daughter in the next few months, too.

This is a top recommendation a toy that gets kids outside for some exercise, is safe, and is super easy to put together. Love it!

Buy it!

You can buy the Little Tikes Jr. Play Slide from Toys and Games Online for only $41.99 right now! Please note that there is an exact same slide with different colored steps for only $39.99 found here!

Orders over $69.00 ship free!

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