Toothpicks + Marshmallows = Yummy Learning Activity!

I saw this done on The Artful Parent and had to let Emma give it a try!

(Please ignore the laundry in the background)

Its an inexpensive activity (obviously since all you need is marshmallows and toothpicks), and Emma loved the fact that part of her art supplies were edible. 🙂

Actually the fact that it was edible was very distracting and we didnt get as much modeling done as I had hoped. 😉

But we built some little houses like the one seen above, and also made some shapes

and letters!

This is a terrific learning opportunity for preschoolers, and really kids of all ages will enjoy this. You can put together some pretty cool-looking sculptures and youre not limited in any way!

It would also be fun to do with colored marshmallows or gumdrops, and you can add some other ingredients (cheerios, pretzels, etc) and see what creations your kids come up with! 🙂

Have you ever done this? If not, will you try it?

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