Timmy Steals the Show! (Timmy Time DVD Review) Own It! Win It!

Youve fallen in love with Shaun the Sheep by now, right? Well, now Timmy, that adorable baby sheep with his ever-present pacifier (reminds me of my kid), is literally stealing the show in this new Playhouse Disney show for preschoolers, Timmy Time!

With slapstick humor and classic silent comedy, Timmy Time draws from Shaun the Sheeps frolicking adventures with each episode following a day in the life of Timmy and his friends where they learn lessons about friendship and trial and error to which every young child can relate.

I was so thrilled when I found out that Timmy was getting his own show hes so cute! I loved the episodes in Shaun the Sheep that centered around Timmy and now we have this DVD that focuses soley on Timmy and his preschooler friends! And yes, there are several new characters now, Timmys playmates at school and his teachers.

All of the episodes in Timmy Time are geared toward the toddler/preschooler crowd with plots and comedy they can relate to and understand. In one of my favorite episodes, Timmys friend Apricot brings her blankie to school only to have someone mistake it for a rag to clean up! Timmy keeps bringing her replacements, hoping to help her. The best thing about this show is that each episode encourages sharing and thinking of others even when you are busy doing something else. 🙂 Im hoping that seeing Timmy being so thoughtful will rub off on my toddler!

Here are the details for the five episodes:

Timmy Steals the Show While bossing everybody around during rehearsals for the nurserys talent show, diva Yabba loses her voice! Yabba is crestfallen that she may not able to perform, but Timmy saves the day by performing for her.

Timmys Picnic The class is off on a picnic! But during a game of soccer, the ball bursts on Apricots spikes. Apricot feels guilty that the little animals no longer have a ball to play with, but soon finds a good use for her prickly spikes picking up the picnic litter!

Timmy Brings a Smile Apricot has brought her favorite blanket to the nursery of which she will not let go! But when she briefly puts it down, the other animals mistake it for a rag which they use to clean up paint and mud. Timmy tries to console Apricot with substitutes, until he discovers a pleasant surprise in Stripeys sand pie!

Timmy Cant Dance Led by Harriet and Osbourne, the class is exploring various dance styles, from hula dancing to line dancing. But Timmy just cannot get into the groove! He soon discovers a passion for hip-hop music and wows his friends with his break-dancing moves.

Timmy Says Sorry Timmy accidentally kicks a soccer ball through the preschool window! After a time out, he tries to be more careful, but ends up knocking down Otus sandcastle with a careless kick of the ball. After much soul searching, Timmy realizes its not enough to say sorry, you have to show youre sorry, too.

I dont know how they can make these shows so entertaining (and hilarious) without having any dialogue! Of course, there is plenty of baa-ing and quacking, etc. 😉 The little duck who is Timmys friend even quacks out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I had to laugh when Emma started singing along with him (in words, not quacks).

Watch the Video So Cute!

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In one of the episodes, Timmys friend Apricot brings her beloved security blanket to school. Tell me in a comment what (if any) security things your child has or had. (My daughter has a blanket, a pacifier, AND a musical glow seahorse! lol)

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