Who’s the Mommy Here??? (or “The Terribles Twos Will Do Me In Yet”)

Emma is going through another new and delightful stage of the Terrible Twos.

Nobody told me that there would be stages!

We went to a church campout this weekend we didnt camp, just visited during the day. At times it was fun, and at times it was the opposite of fun! I know that any outing with a two-year-old is going to be a little bit tough, at least part of the time. Especially an all-day outing. Missed naps, overstimulation, being tired or hungry, and the weather (in this case it was in the 90s) can make an otherwise fun trip into a stressful time.

Especially if mommy is pregnant and tired and hungry, too! 😉

But Emma is going through this new stage in which the word NO, no matter how it is said, is the enemy. Even if I just try to detour her and she wants to go a different way, there is a meltdown.

I had to walk away from conversations because she wanted to go somewhere else this weekend, and if I tried to stop her, ask her to wait for a moment, or pick her up she cried or fell down on the ground with a strangled cry of traumatized disappointment. Frustrating!

She even started biting today, and she NEVER does that. Not hard, not even hard enough to make a mark but its a behavior that needs to be nipped in the bud.

Oh my goodness, my cute little girl the one who cuddles in my lap and hugs me and wipes my tears away with her blanket when I cry she bit me! That is so sad.

And there is NOTHING you can do when it happens out in public. I mean, I tell her no and blah blah blah, but words are not really an effective disciplining tool for a two-year-old.

So my husband and I came home from this outing and had a good talk about how we were going to deal with this. Emma still isnt talking in complete sentences although she understands pretty much everything now, is VERY smart, and has a very good vocabulary. She just doesnt want or need to talk because mommy and daddy read her mind. But up until now weve mainly been distracting her from her bad behavior. We put her in time out when shes especially naughty or throws a tantrum, but beyond that we havent been as consistent as we plan to be from now on.

Wow, having your husband team up with you to help and support you is so great. 🙂 And then there wont be any, I can get away with this with daddy/mommy around behavior.

So feel free to pray for me while Im dealing with this over the next few weeks I would really like to be able to take my child out in public and have her sit on my lap for a short time while Im talking with someone without having to bribe her with candy!

I would love to hear your experiences and what worked for you in dealing with this type of toddler behavior!

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