The Super Hungry Dinosaur {Children’s Book Review}

The Super Hungry Dinosaur
Written by Martin Waddell
Illustrated by Leonie Lord
Dial Books for Young Readers
Rating: (5/5)

Are you ready for a dinosaur adventure? Well, Hal and his little dog Billy are! They take on a super hungry dinosaur with a courage that most of us would not have in the same situation.

Grrrrrrr! Im hungry and Ive come to eat you!

A super hungry dinosaur charges right into Hals backyard and roars those words at Hal. And when Hal tells the dino politely that its not fair to eat small children, the dinosaur decides hell eat Hals mom, dad, and dog instead. But Hal isnt going to stand by and let this happen without a fight. Despite the mouth full of shiny, sharp teeth. And piercing glare. What a brave boy!

What follows is simply hilarious. I wont give away too much of the story, but I can tell you that the ending is sweet and the read will definitely tickle your funny bone. I imagine that little boys will admire Hal and secretly wish they could have done what Hal did with that dinosaur.

Reading this book out loud is a delight, though with all the Grrrr-ing, you might find yourself going hoarse by the end. The sound effects had my little one grinning from ear to ear, what with all the growling, slurping, and dino voice changes. The story itself is one that I think any child can appreciate, boy or girl. The illustrations are simple and old-fashioned, an aspect of the book I loved.

Final Verdict: I highly recommend this book especially for little ones ages 3-7. 🙂

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