Girls Gift Book Review: The Secret Lives of Princesses

The Secret Lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier
Illustrated by Rebecca Dautremer
Sterling Publishing Company, 2010
88 pages

About the Book

Have you spotted Princess Anne Phibian?
Chatted with Princess Babbling Brooke?
Stumbled upon the Night Princess or had a word (or two!) with Princess Paige?
Crossed paths with Princess Picaresque or danced with Princess Tangra-la around the campfire?

These royal ladies are too grand to stay concealed in the back of a palace or at the top of a tower. Now discover all the fantastic stories of the worlds unknown, anonymous, and vanished princesses. Mysterious mansions, corridor whispers, backroom confidences, enchanted forests, murmured secrets, faithful pets everything will finally be explained.

And who knows, perhaps you might even recognize yourself in these tales of long ago...

My Review:

This book is truly unique, imaginative, and a total blast to look at I love it! I think that the illustrator, Rebecca Dautremer, deserves a huge shout-out because her illustrations are awesome. Her interpretations of the characters (princesses) are outlandish, beautiful, and hilarious. Then the author makes you laugh with his imaginary princesses each turn of the page brings you to a new princess with a crazy but appropriate name like Princess Somnia (Comes from a royal family of do-nothings.), Princess Paige (She reads everything she can find), and Princess Primandproper (Has a permanently pinched face.).

This book was originally published in France but Im so glad Sterling has published this translation for us because its a great book to add to your childs (or your own) collection! Speaking of which, says it is recommended for ages 4 8 but that is way too young in my opinion. Anywhere from age 7 and up will probably enjoy this, but much of it will be over the head of very young children. Its very detailed and teaches many big words such as boudoir (A room of ones own. Perfect for feeling sorry for oneself. Gets lots of use. Example: Im going to my boudoir. Why? Because!). That said, younger children will enjoy having much of this book read to them because its so silly and the art is worth it for sure! 🙂

Buy It!

This is the ultimate gift book for girls I highly recommend it! If youre ready to buy, has the best price Ive seen so far at$13.57 (regularly $19.99). 🙂

Visit the special The Secret Lives of Princesses website to be introduced to more princesses, play games, take a quiz to find out which princess personality you are most like, and find out what your princess name would be (mine is Her Bewitching Elegance, Princess Lindsey, Conscientious Adventurer, lol).

I would like to thank Derry of Sterling Publishing for sending me the book reviewed above in order that I might give you a thorough review. This post is 100% my own opinion, thoughts, and experiences, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone. I do not feel obligated to write a positive review Ill always share my honest thoughts on products.