The Princess and the Pea (Indoor Boredom Buster)

There have been a few rainy days this summer, making outside play impossible unless we want to get soaking wet. So weve had to get creative inside!

This is one of those things I remember doing as a child, taking all the cushions off the couch and collecting pillows from around the house and then creating a small obstacle course.

Or just leaping from one cushion to another. 🙂

I dont know why such a simple thing is so much fun, but it IS! And its something that entertains little ones for a very long time.

Besides jumping from one cushion to another, we stacked them up high and I asked Emma to close her eyes and pretend she was sleeping. This was her first attempt

This second attempt at feigning drowsiness is a little too good, dont you agree?

Those pictures remind me of The Princess and the Pea. 🙂

What simple indoor activities do your kids love to do when theyre bored?