The Post In Which I Wail About Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Im 34 weeks pregnant and have already gained 43 pounds. Nooooooooooo! At my last prenatal appointment, I was told to be careful and when I asked what the best way to not gain weight was the midwife told me to cut out juice and sugar.

Oh sure. No problem. Thats only like taking all of the light and happiness out of my life!

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration the truth is Im not craving sugar quite so horribly as I was in the second trimester. It was BAD. I wanted it SO BAD I couldnt say no to myself.

Exercise would help

I started out in this pregnancy exercising regularly and doing a great job with it, but soon found myself unmotivated and just exhausted I tapered off till I wasnt doing much at all. I know daily walks are supposed to be great when youre pregnant and on and off Ive done the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs, which I LOVE, but my pelvic bones are REALLY sore right now and so thats been hard for me to keep up. Im feeling like its all hopeless and counting on being able to get all the extra weight off quickly after the baby is born.

So plan of action for not getting up to 200 pounds in this pregnancy if I can at all help it: Eat less sugar (I say as I munch on a piece of gingerbread house) and try to exercise at least 3 times a week. Eat small meals and make sure I dont overeat. Try not to die of starvation.

Trying to stay positive

I know that weight gain is something that just happens when youre growing a baby. Especially if youre not feeling great or are depressed in your pregnancy it can be easy to eat too much and exercise too little. I just wish I didnt feel so guilty, like Ive been a total lazy pig because I honestly havent!

This is obviously where I need to learn to have mercy on myself and just do what I can. 🙂 Its not all about me and how I look I feel so much joy knowing my little boy is healthy and active and ready to be born soon! And Im mostly healthy, too, so thats a blessing as well. I have time after the baby is born to lose the weight and I most certainly will make it a priority when Im feeling good again! 🙂

Left: Erin@Connected2Christ. Right: Me.

How much weight have you gained in your pregnancies?

Do you have any advice or tips on staying healthy while pregnant?

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