The One-Legged Grasshopper, the Little Girl, and One Mortified Mommy

So heres the story. On Monday night I found a young grasshopper on my car window. On impulse, I decided to catch it and show it to Emma. In doing so, I accidentally caused it to lose a leg.

Ack! I was mortified! Poor little guy was just innocently hanging out and then this giant hand swoops in and makes him lose a very important part of his body! It wasnt just any leg, either, it was one of his back hopping legs. Poor Hopper!

He stared at me with narrowed eyes. Sorry!

So I kept him overnight in a bug jar. I wasnt sure what to do with him, but could hardly put him out in the cold night with one hopping leg. Emma enjoyed looking for him in the bug jar that night and asked to hold him about 20 times. I felt he had had enough abuse from human hands so said no. The next morning I decided to let him go.

I didnt know if his leg would ever grow back (Google gave me different answers on that I think he might grow it back since hes young) but I figured now was as good a time as any to let him go.

And, well I couldnt take the guilt! Everytime I saw that bug jar I was reminded of my transgression.

I was relieved to see that hed somehow adapted and figured out how to balance himself and hop with only five legs. Impressive!

Emma was sad to say goodbye but blew him a kiss and away we went, leaving him to his fate, whatever that may be.

While we were bidding little Hopper farewell, this is what Isaac was doing.