The Great Hair Dye Drama

I have a problem. My natural hair color has been described as dirty dishwater blond and I dont like it. The color, not that its been called that. 😉 Though I cant imagine saying that about anyone, lol. Annnyway, Ive been dying my hair since I was a teen. Usually an auburn color because I wished to be Anne Shirley (of Anne of Green Gables).

I took a pretty big break from the hair dye when I got married with the exception of one incident, a dye job that caused me to cry and my husband to ask me never to dye my hair again after the waterworks but once every couple of months now I get this uncontrollable urge to change my hair. I start thinking about cutting my hair or begin to eye the hair dye aisle. Those perfect women with their perfect hair if I do put all those chemicals on my hair will I look like that?

*insert sarcasm* Of couuuuurse!

Well, I finally gave in last Friday and bought one. I decided it was worth the gamble and chose this:
This is Light Golden Brown and washes out in 28 days (Im not totally stupid, lol). I was going for a shade that was a bit darker than my natural shade about the color it is when its wet.

The result? Brassy red.

Brassy. Red.

I dont know what happened. I dont think I should have chosen something with golden in it because the natural red in my hair altered it. I know you cant expect to have the color that is on the box but argh! I did not want red. *sigh*

So I decided I didnt want to live with it even for 28 days (plus Ive heard these things dont really wash out, just fade) and made an appointment with my stylist. Yay for great hair people! I love the stylist I go to, she works out of her home and is just so sweet. She put highlights and lowlights in my hair and Im so happy with the result! I should have just done that in the first place. I was trying to save money. Ended up spending more anyway.

Here are the before and after photos:




I didnt take a photo of the brassy red. Didnt even cross my mind I just wanted to hide! lol

Anyway, Im really happy with it. Might even go for a little more contrast next time though.

The moral of this story:


Unless youve just been lucky enough to find the color that works for you. Its painful getting there, though. And if you have red in your hair, its even harder to find a decent color.

Is anyone else crazy like me, always experimenting with their hair?

Do you have a hair dye story to tell?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! 🙂


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