The Great Gingerbread House Fiasco

One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating a gingerbread house. 🙂 I was so excited this year to do it with Emma!

I found this kit on sale at Joann Fabrics (I know, who woulda thought?) for $8.99 so grabbed it. They also had cute little mini gingerbread village kits which Im now wishing I had grabbed instead. Youll see why soon.

Emma was instantly excited at the prospect of CANDY! Shes no fool, these need to be opened right away before the frosting is made!

Its a good thing mommy is fast. And boy is that frosting YUMMY! This is also where I called John away from the Playstation 3 for the great Gingerbread House decorating tradition. Yes, its a new one. No, we dont want to do it by ourselves! Come on, youll have fun! 🙂

*The photo above is incriminating. I want you to note the masculine hands putting the framework of this house together.

If you look closely at this photo, youll note that the roof is sloooowly sliding down and candy is falling through. Noooooooooooooo!

I know this is sloppily done (my meticulous friend Erin is about having a heart attack I think) but at some point we realized this house would not be saved and wed better get those decorations on FAST so I could at least get a photo.

It was destiny, my dear. Im sorry!

A moment of mourning for the lost abode. But she is SO my daughter

We must make the best of the situation! Time for hot chocolate and gingerbread!

Note: Apparently when you put a gingerbread house together youre supposed to wait for it to dry between layers. If you dont want the above to happen to you, I recommend you have more patience than ahem we did. 😉 But let me tell you, this is yummy dipped in coffee in the mornings! And obviously the fun wasnt lost on Emma. 😉