The Great Bumbo Escape (or an attempt at least)

Not too long ago I reviewed the Bumbo baby seat. At the time Isaac wasnt quite big enough for me to test it on him, so I tested it on a friends baby boy. By 2 1/2 months Isaac was sitting in the Bumbo by himself he loves it, especially since hes able to see everyones faces and participate in all our activities. In the mornings while Emma does her preschool lessons and crafts I put the Bumbo on the table and he watches everything she does. Its awesome!

But lately hes started getting restless. He still loves the Bumbo but he must be teething because hes chewing on the side of it and wriggling his way almost out of it! Seriously, Im going to have to use the Bumbo tray from now on to keep him secure. What a little rebel! 🙂

Im wondering how long, at this rate, well be able to use the Bumbo! So Im asking you did you use a Bumbo seat and if so for how long? I hope its something that lasts a long time for us. Its really convenient and I love that he can sit in it unassisted. 🙂