Teething Bling – Gotta Have or Not? (Smart Mom Jewelry GIVEAWAY!)

Ill admit I was skeptical about this craze when I first heard about it. Fashionable jewelry that doubles as a teether for your baby? Is it really something that would benefit both mom and baby, or is it a money-making scheme? I wasnt sure, so I decided to test it out myself. And thanks to Smart Mom Jewelry, I was able to try the most popular brand on the market, Smart Mom Jewelrys Teething Bling!

Lets start with the packaging.

Teething Blings presentation is beautiful, as you can see in the photo above. The pendant is made to look like stone. The first thing you note whentaking it out is that it is made of a smooth, mildly flexible material not rock-hard like it appears to be. The necklace part is a cording that is strong and soft. For safety reasons the clasp is breakaway (the clasp will come apart with a certain amount of pressure).

Fact: All Teething Bling is made of non-toxic FDA-approved pthalate-, PVC-, latex-, and lead-free silicone.

As far as style goes, Teething Bling has a variety of different pendant colors and patterns to choose from, and theyre all very attractive. You can go for shimmery, psychedelic, a guitar pick type shape, solid shades, or patterns like zebra stripes. Theres something for everyone!

The cording length is long so that the pendant ends up lying somewhere around your stomach, but you can knot it up so it is more of a choker-type length. Doesnt it look great?

So we know now that the pendants are cute, stylish, and safe. Are they practical?

Ive decided that they are. First, theyre a great plaything for your baby and can be distracting while youre out on the town or sitting for long periods of time. No, Im not promising its going to distract and entertain your baby for hours on end, but it is an intriguing object to any child. Kids always love to play with jewelry I think having it be something of moms makes it that much more fun to touch. Teething Bling is also nice for nursing moms who are tired of having their hair grabbed (this I know from experience). Isaac likes to play with this necklace while hes nursing.

The size of the pendant is large enough that my 11-month-old son can get a good grip while he chews the soft, cool silicone. Now these necklaces arent intended to be given to babies as teething toys, and certainly not with the cording attached theyre meant to be worn around moms neck and chewed on under mommy supervision. But you will find bangles, or large wrist-sized rings that can be given to baby to play with they look like they would be great teething toys, and double as bracelets.

Final Thoughts: The only negative I can think of is that once teeth come in, the teething pendants can start looking like a doggie toy (i.e. chew marks). I personally dont mind this after all, it is a pendant especially for baby to teethe on, right? However, its not prone to marks, either. A baby will have to be gnawing pretty hard to put tooth marks on it. Isaac has chewed on my pendant with his four very sharp teeth and there are no marks on mine yet, but I do have a friend whose Teething Bling has evidence of being chewed on over time. I dont consider this a con, and it certainly wouldnt dissuade me from buying.

Overall, I found the Smart Mom Jewelry Teething Bling pendant I received to be a great product and recommend it! I really love mine. 🙂 I think their jewelry is a terrific baby shower gift idea because its something cute that moms can wear right away, and its something for them for a change!

All pendants start at $19.99, and you can find replacement cords with breakaway clasps for less than $2.00 in their store.

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Disclosure: I was provided with a Teething Bling pendant at no cost in order to share my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are 100% mine.