Sweet Fabric Hairflowers & Bow Holder

Ive been crafty again and having fun with it! Am I the only one who is crafty in spurts? For about two weeks I didnt do anything mainly because I was in shock over finding out Im carrying a boy I think. LOL

Finally, Saturday I was inspired by a fellow blogger, Michelle of Land of the Misfit Toyz, who used a glue gun to make these fabulous fabric bows:

A glue gun! I love her ingenuity. And I LOVE simple yet rewarding projects like this. Michelles step by step tutorial can be found here.

So heres what I came up with for my first attempt:

I need to practice the technique to improve it, but I love it! And it was a great way to use those resins, too. 🙂

Next, it was time to make a hairbow holder. I was fed up with all of our bows and clippies being scattered in various places in the house and so started looking around for inspiration. I found numerous tutorials and types of holders and finally decided to combine a few of them:

Ta-Da! I found a canvas, covered it with a favorite fabric I had lying around and used my trusty glue gun to secure the fabric on the back of the canvas, then secured random ribbons to the back with the glue gun as well. It took me like 5 minutes. I do want to get a staple gun and go over it all to make sure it stays a long time, but for now it works great. 🙂

Its so satisfying to create something useful!

Have you been up to anything crafty? Do share! Feel free to post the link in a comment if youve blogged it. 🙂

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