Focus on Children’s Books: Sweet Dreams

Today I want to introduce you to a charming new bedtime book, Sweet Dreams by Rose Lewis.

In this oh-so-beautifully illustrated book, as a mom gets her little one ready for bed

she tells all about what many animals are doing to prepare for the night whether they are sleeping or not!

The prose are sweet, but I think the real treasure is in the illustrations. They are bold and colorful, detailed, and they are so evocative I wish I could put these pictures on my wall rather than keep them in the book. 🙂

Sweet Dreams has been a delight to read with my kids, and is the perfect end to the night. It has a peaceful atmosphere to it that I love. Its also a great way to introduce your kids to the night creatures I enjoyed talking with Emma about the habits of owls and raccoons and answering her questions. If you like beautiful illustrations and a simple, poetic read before bed, youll love this one!

Want It?

You can order Sweet Dreams online at Abrams Books, at, or at 🙂

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What are you reading to your child this week?