Swap-A-DVD (How I Am Building Emma’s DVD Collection Without Breaking the Bank!)

Ive been using Swap-A-DVD a lot lately ever since we canceled cable and I found myself without my daughters favorite programs. No more Winnie the Pooh? Oh NO!

So I started pricing the DVDs online and was really unhappy with my finds. Childrens DVDs are SO expensive! At this rate, I would never have a good collection of my daughters favorite cartoons. I was discouraged. But suddenly I remembered that my favorite website, PaperbackSwap, where I swap books regularly (I shared information on that here), had a sister site called Swap-A-DVD that allowed members to swap their DVDs for free! So I headed straight over to see what they had available.

And I was SO delighted to see that they had quite a few different Winnie the Pooh and Little Einsteins DVDs available! I didnt really have any DVDs I wanted to swap out (its easy and free, though!) so I purchased DVD credits instead. I bought 3 for $14.85. Note that it is much cheaper to send out DVDs (thereby earning credits) since all you pay is shipping you can even use the printable wrapper to wrap your DVDs and that saves money on shipping materials. Its SO easy. And 1 credit = 1 DVD.

Oh, and did I mention that if you have a DVD you really want, you can put it on a wishlist and eventually you will get it? Its really a great program, one Im so happy to be a part of.

Sweet Deal: When you sign up, after you post 10 DVDs to swap you will automatically receive 1 free credit!

Are you ready to sign up?

Youll love it! Feel free to friend me, JohnsGirl, and let me know in a comment how you like it! If you have any questions, let me know. 🙂

Sign up HERE!

Note: I am not working with SwapaDVD in any way; however, this is my personalized link and I will get a credit if you sign up and post 10 DVDs. If you do use my link, THANK YOU! You are awesome. 🙂 But you dont have to, of course. Either way, its a wonderful site and I LOVE IT! I hope you do, too!

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