Support for a fellow mommy blogger: Shaky Mommy

Brandi, one of my readers, blogs over at Shaky Mommy. I love her blog! Shes such a cool person, you can just tell. Shes been battling Young Onset Parkinsons Disease ever since July of 2009 when she was diagnosed and is so brave through it all. She has four children, one of whom is only 9 months (a month younger than my Isaac). I really really recommend following her blog shes so easy to connect with, is good about replying to your comments, and is just in general the kind of person you want to be friends with. 🙂 And I know she would appreciate some support!

Right now shes having trouble getting her little guy to sleep through the night. He keeps her up all night and shes exhausted and it makes her Parkinsons symptoms worse. So if you have any advice I know shed appreciate it! And especially if you have experience with The No-Cry Sleep Solution, which shes reading through right now.

You can see her latest update on her Parkinsons symptoms here.