Starting to Want Big People Food… at 3 Months?

Yesterday was a big day for Isaac. He was sitting in his Bumbo on the table while Emma ate her spaghetti dinner. He is so happy sitting with the family at the table that way its so cute! Usually he just smiles and chews his hand and coos at us. This time, though, he noticed something.

The food. It smelled GOOD!

It was so funny he looked like he was going to jump out of the Bumbo into Emmas spaghetti plate! He had this crazy focused expression as he stared at the food and wiggled in the Bumbo, trying to get to those delicious-looking noodles.

My husband gave him a taste and he totally looked like he liked it, too. I would have preferred not to have his first food be spaghetti and meatballs but I guess you cant always have everything planned out, LOL.

Anyway, Im starting to think about baby food now. I made homemade rice cereal for Emma when she was a baby and Ill definitely be doing it for Isaac as well. I try not to use those instant cereals in the baby aisle (though they are great for a quick back-up meal). I really want a Magic Bullet this time around. 🙂

Anyway, I didnt remember Jaedyn being ready for rice cereal so soon but I looked through my old posts (thank goodness for blogging!) and saw that I started giving her cereal at 4 months! I guess I just have very hungry babies.

It seems way too soon for me! Hes still a little baby! I vividly remember giving birth and have hardly recuperated from that how can he possibly be interested in our food already? *SIGH* Childhood goes by too fast

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When did you start giving your baby rice cereal or pureed foods?