Songs for Saplings: ABC’s {CD Review}

I am so pleased and excited to have discovered Songs for Saplings music! Although I came across them quite by accident (through another blogger), I had already been thinking about finding some good, God-focused music for my toddler. I grew up listening to songs that kept me encouraged as a child positive, cheerful songs that helped me know who God was and why He loved me. I want that for my little girl, and I have found it! And this music is even better than what I had as a child. 🙂

We create lively, fun songs that attempt to deliver the deepest of Biblical truth in a format that your children will love to listen to.

What makes Songs for Saplings music so wonderful? I would love to tell you!

1. Each song is sung by children with the sweetest voices imaginable. Theyre a delight to listen to and are accompanied by guitar and led by another talented adult female singer. Its truly a lovely album that I have no problem putting on many times a day. My daughter doesnt mind either in fact, shes all smiles and dances around the house whenever I put it on for her.

2. All of the songs on this album are straight from scripture! I LOVE this! Ive always found it difficult to memorize scripture, but music is definitely the best way for me to hide Gods word in my heart. Think about it of all of the things youve memorized in your life. Its likely that anything put to music will be absorbed and stay absorbed because music is fun. Memorizing is work. I get songs stuck in my head this way all the time, but these songs are songs I really want stuck in my head! And my daughters head. Ive found myself singing them as Im about to fall asleep and I really love it. So not only is this a wonderful way for my daughter to memorize and retain scripture as she grows, its great for parents as well!

3. As noted on the cover of the album, they incorporate learning the ABCs into their music. For instance: A-Apple; Ps. 17:8, B-Bread; Jon 6:48, C-Changed; II Cor. 3:18. I think this could be a fun tool and a nice way to change things up for children learning their alphabet!

Listen to a sample and fall in love with them yourself!

Click here to listen to three great songs from Songs for Saplings: ABCs. E-Endures is one of my favorites!


Songs for Saplings: ABCs is an album that I now highly recommend. It would be wonderful in a Sunday School class, for homeschooling, or just for fun with your little ones! Its also a great gift idea.

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