Simple machine applique tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets

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I found this on Little Birdie Secrets and had to share! This is something I would really like to try myself! It looks easy

Heres the tute:

Simple Machine Applique Tutorial

What youll need:

*Fabric to cut shape out of
*Heat n Bond Lite or similar stabilizing material (found at any fabric store)
*Scissors (if you have a more intricate design, youll need small, sharp scissors)
*Iron and ironing board
*Something to applique onIm using a onesie

Okay, lets get started!

1. Heat your iron on the wool setting. Iron a piece of Heat n Bond (big enough to accomodate your shape) to the back of a piece of fabric for about 2 seconds per area until it adheres completely.

2. Cut the shape out. You can easily trace lots of cute shapes, but Im just using a simple square. Peel the paper off the back of the Heat n Bond.

3. Place the shape on the item where you want it.

4. Position your sewing machine needle somewhere on the shape. Im starting at one corner of the square. I like my applique to just barely go over the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying.

5. Select zig-zag stitch and set your stitch length and width. Play around with it until you find the length and width you like. I like Length=1 and Width=4. If your shape requires a sharp turn like this square, stitch to the end of side and end with your needle on the right side (see below). Then turn and stitch the next side. If youre making a curve, like on the top of heart, mark a couple of spots around the curve where it turns. When you get to these marks, stop with the needle down and lift the foot. Turn the fabric slightly, put your foot back down, and start stitching again.

6. Continue around entire shape, backstitching a couple of times when you get to the end. Voila!

I am SO inspired!

Check out Little Birdie Secrets they have a great site and say that if we ever want to see them try something (so we dont have to), theyll give it a go!

So, question. Have you ever made anything for your baby? Ive made a little blanket (that I dont have a picture of! *gasp*) and some babylegs. Leave me a comment! 🙂

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