SimAnimals Africa Wii Game Review

SimAnimals Africa is a new simulation game available for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Players are given the ability to help take care of the animals of Africa, make friends with them, and maintain their lands.

My Thoughts

SimAnimals Africa is a game that I think kids will really love. Its quick and easy to master the controls and objectives, and players are given new abilities and goals as they play. The graphics are whimsical and engaging, and there are many ways to interact with everything around you, from the animals to the landscape.

An interesting and fun feature is that you can play as the animal as well as yourself. For instance, I was given a challenge to fill a dry watering hole. First, I had to make friends with an elephant (each animal has its own name and personality) by petting it and feeding it, and then I could play as that animal and control it. I had him go to the larger watering hole, drink water, and then spray it into the smaller watering hole. Elephants can also water dying trees this way.

You start out in a valley full of zebras, and as you move throughout the expansive African plains and deserts, you come upon more species of animals. I like that it gradually exposes you to new animals and different types of challenges as you play. There are also new things to do with the animals and more ways to interact.


I think SimAnimals Africa will especially appeal to children and young teens. I found that it didnt hold my interest enough for me personally to keep playing, but I know I would have enjoyed it as a kid. My nieces and nephews (11, 9, 4) do love it. I would recommend it for any child who loves animals and enjoys playing with their Wii.

Now you have to check out this Wii gameplay video!

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